Call to Action: Support SB 590


To best support our next generation, New Hampshire must encourage the development of a continuum of family support and strengthening services, which include family resource centers, home visiting, comprehensive family support services, and other family supports. The Senate Health and Human Services committee is currently discussing SB 590, which will support Granite State families with home visiting and family support services. The Senators need to hear from you about why SB 590 is good for New Hampshire. Call the Senate Health and Human Services committee today!



Hello, is Senator ______________ available?

Hi Senator. My name is _______________ and I live in _______________. I’m calling to ask you to vote yes on SB 590 in your committee.

  • SB 590 includes referrals for voluntary services for families in need, increased access to home visiting services, and community-based services to promote child protection.
  • Child development is a foundation for our state’s economic development. For New Hampshire to have a prosperous futures, we have to give all children the opportunity to develop socially, intellectually, and emotionally. Giving families access to these services will help to do that.
  • Family support programs have been shown to improve parenting skills, reduce child injuries, lower substance use and domestic violence, improve school readiness of the child, and improve parents’ economic stability.
  • In NH, 45% of children have experienced one or more Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE); 12% have had three or more (vs. 11% nationally). Research has shown that children who experience multiple adverse situations in early life are at a substantially greater risk for physical and mental health issues such as future substance misuse. Family support programs help to mitigate ACEs.
  • Research continues to show that investment and intervention in early childhood can not only mitigate the costs to the state, but can also dramatically alter a child’s life in a positive way.

Do I have your support on SB 590?

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to call me back at ___________ if you have any questions.