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Exactly what Will Target Mean in Playing?

What does goal mean in betting? For many people, a horse racing handicapping system is simply a tool or method of handicapping that uses the terms of betting to give the best odds for each horse race. The problem is that if you don’t know what a “goal” is, it’s pretty hard to figure out what “best odds” and “probability” are, either. Therefore, one of the biggest things I tell new people who want to learn horse racing is that goal means whatever you can figure out that will improve your chances of winning, whatever “odds” you are using.

That brings me to the first step in handicapping: figuring out what you want or need to improve or get better at. This is the hardest part, because each person has their own ideas and ideals about what they want or need. Goals may be improving at the track, becoming more consistent at betting, getting better at handicapping, or spending less time betting on horses. Any goal will be difficult to quantify, so it is important not to set yourself up for failure by over-thinking the process. A good rule of thumb is to think of your goal as an ultimate goal, something you’d like to see improve in yourself or to get better at. Then take measurable steps towards that goal.

So what does goal mean in betting? Your goal in betting is to get a profit. In other words, your goal is to make money. This goal can be different for everyone; it might be to build up a nice bankroll over the long run, to develop a better handicapping technique or system, or simply just to make a little more money.

To clarify this further, my goal is not to bet on every race. While I’m not saying you should never bet on a race, if you limit your risk by only spending money on races you know you can get a profit from then your goal is to get a profit from betting on one race. If you bet on all the horses in the pool then you have no objective: how much money will you make? Betting on every race is an absolute waste of your time and effort.

The goal you want to set for yourself is a logical one based on your knowledge and skill. It’s not realistic to think that you can, for example, write one thousand names and bet on all of them, but you can learn how to pick which dogs to back and which to let ride. That’s a goal worth setting for yourself.

Your goal may be slightly more complex than that, for example to make enough money to pay your bills. If you’re betting to just make enough money to cover your living expenses then your goal might be slightly more complex than that. But most goal oriented people can focus on things like paying off a credit card or two, buying a new home, saving for their kids’ education, or even getting themselves a nicer car every few years. And if you’re a serious gambler then setting goals like that will give you a huge payoff.

A simple goal, meanwhile, is something you can easily accomplish with some work on your part. This kind of goal doesn’t need to be monetary. It could just mean that you’re going to try harder next time, or go for a run this weekend. It could also mean that you walk for a mile today, instead of riding your bike. It’s important to set reasonable goals like these so that you stay motivated to do the hard work.

So, the moral of the story is this: even though what does goal mean in betting is a subjective thing, it’s really a very important factor. You’re not going to be able to have a clear cut idea of what it means, but if you’re determined and you work hard, you can reach your goals. Just remember to have fun, and betting can be a lot of fun, even if you lose sometimes.

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