Quality, Affordable Child Care

Supporting New Hampshire’s children with quality child care is critical to keep New Hampshire a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

Having children in quality early childcare programs from ages 0 to 5 is not only important to steward our future generation, but is also a critical substance misuse prevention effort, proven to prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences and therefore future substance misuse.

Unfortunately, quality childcare programs are out of reach for many Granite Staters based on high costs. According to the New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute, childcare costs come close to or outweigh rent or mortgage payments in many New Hampshire families’ monthly budgets – regardless of income bracket. Not only do our children miss out on important early learning opportunities in their first five years when their parents are unable to afford quality childcare, but NH loses competent working parents bolstering our economy. Working together to increase access to quality, affordable childcare will benefit all Granite Staters, both now and for many years to come.

Creating conditions for young people that promote building strong brain architecture in the first five years will be more effective and cost-saving than trying to fix problems caused by poor development later in life.

Quality early childhood development opportunities are critical to support Granite Staters’ healthy child development and keep New Hampshire an attractive place to live, work and raise a family.

Home Visiting

Quality home visiting programs, when skilled professionals work with families in-home to ensure children get off to a good start, are proven to work. Currently, home visiting programs are not accessible or in-depth enough for most Granite State families. When we work together to ensure families are given the resources that they need, in ways that are convenient for them to access, children get off to a good start. Research also shows that effective home visiting programs have a significant return on investment for the state. That’s good for New Hampshire as a whole.

Family Resource Centers of Quality

Family Resource Centers provide wraparound services in one place for families in communities all over our state, ensuring families are supported in raising our future workforce. They connect parents and caregivers with resources, programs, and classes that support them in their role as parents. All direct state funding for family resource centers was eliminated in 2012. That means that parents and children are not getting support that could otherwise ensure a positive start for children. As with all of our early childhood issues, working together to restore this funding benefits children and helps to keep New Hampshire a great place to live, work, and raise a family.


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